Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strawberry Mascarpone Bruschetta

Strawberry Mascarpone Bruschetta ~ Delicious as breakfast, brunch, a snack or even for dessert ~ minutes to make #Bruschetta #StrawberryBruschetta #Brunch #Breakfast #QuickSnack

Looking for a quick snack?  I have a Strawberry Mascarpone Bruschetta often, sometimes as a snack after dinner - should call it a dessert then, shouldn't I? - but most often, I will have one for breakfast.

Chicken and Cottage Cheese Sandwich

Chicken and Cottage Cheese Sandwich ~ Healthy and delicious Chicken Sandwich {no mayo!} #Sandwich #ChickenSanwich #Healthy

We eat a lot of sandwiches, lunch, picnics and even as an early dinner when we have something on later that night, or I make these Chicken and Cottage cheese sandwiches on a Saturday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Best Meatloaf With A Chutney Sauce

Best Meatloaf with a Chutney Sauce ~ Best ever Meatloaf baked in a Chutney Sauce and then served together #Meatloaf #Dinner #EasyMeatloaf

We do not have meatloaf on a regular basis, but when we do, I always make this recipe for the best Meatloaf with a Chutney Sauce, which is outstanding.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Feta Meatballs in Eggplant on Pesto Pasta

Feta Meatballs in Egglant on Pesto Pasta ~ Delicious weeknight dinner with a twist ~ Low-Fat meatballs wrapped in Eggplant over pasta #PastaDish #Meatballs #LowFat

Now and then I like surprising my family with something a little out of the ordinary .. like these Feta Meatballs in Eggplant on Pesto Pasta.

21 Stunning Wall Art Ideas

21 Stunning Wall Art Ideas ~ Beautiful DIY Wall Art collection which you can make for less ! #WallArt #DIY #DIYWallArt #Hometalk
I am so excited today as I have a fantastic collection of 21 Stunning Wall Art Ideas to share with you  which I have curated for Hometalk.

All of the posts in the collection are super DIY friendly and affordable and I am sure you will find more than one idea to try for yourself.